How to Qualify

Certain criteria must be met in order to qualify for services:

  • Potential patients must be California residents
  • Age 18 and under
  • Demonstrate financial need.    CSPSERF is using the Covered California income guidelines to establish financial need, i.e. a family of four should have an income of $95,400 or less in order to be eligible under CSPSERF's reconstructive surgery for children program.

One of the primary aim's of CSPSERF is to assist children in financial need who would benefit from reconstructive plastic surgery.  Children who suffer from physical abnormalities and other disfiguring conditions could be eligible for services free of charge.   The program's aim is to serve those children who are uninsured or underinsured, bridging the gap for those families who could not otherwise afford to pay for the procedure.


Although most of the conditions are not life-threatening, the children who are afflicted with these conditions may suffer from low-self esteem and feel different, self-conscious.  At CSPSERF, we strive to the ultimate goal of giving children the gift of hope.  The hope that the child can look like their peers and live a more productive and healthy life, away from the teasing and bullying that comes with looking different.



Apply for Medical Services  

Note:  A CSPSERF Surgery Review Committee review and screens applications, following which recommendations will be made to CSPSERF's full Board.  Ultimately, the Board will decide which families and/or children will be receipients of services under the Foundation's program aimed at providing reconstructive surgery to the child in need.

 Apply for Services

California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Inc.

Educational and Research Foundation

4269 Valley View Road

El Sobrante, CA 94803

Tel: (510) 243-1662

Fax: (510) 243-1663


Additional questions ?  Contact us directly: 

Organization Profile

Christine Pahl, Executive Director


Founded: 2007

Not-for-Profit Public Charity 501-C3



Follow these steps in order to apply for services:

  • Complete the CSPSERF Application for services (download application below).  Completed applications can be:  faxed to (510) 243-1663, scanned & emailed to: or mailed to:  California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Educational and Research Foundation, 4269 Valley View Road, El Sobrante CA 94803
  • Submit a copy of the families most current filed IRS tax return
    (required to verify income)
  • Please include photographs of the child who is applying for services.  Photos should include current front and side view of the subject.  Photos may be emailed to:  (jpg or png files) or mailed to California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Educational and Research Foundation, 4269 Valley View Road, El Sobrante CA 94803

    Photographs become the property of CSPSERF and cannot be returned.  Applications without photographs cannot be processed.